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Hardcore Killers
May 23, 11 4:12 PM
Jan 13, 11 12:14 AM
Guld Achievements
Dec 15, 10 5:34 PM
Hardcore Killers Has a New Address!
Mar 2, 10 7:10 PM
Guild Bank changes
Feb 27, 10 3:13 PM
Welcome to Hardcore Killers (Horde Guild on Draka)!!

Thank you for Joining Hardcore Killers! Please put suggestions in the
Forums.  Please check Forums frequently for guild news and information.   

Guild Charter & Rules are available here.<click>

DKP Rules and Item Point Breakdown Info here. <click>

Current DKP Points and Latest DKP Awards

Raid Logs are on World of Logs. <click>

HCK is recruiting by application only:

Requirements and other considerations are:
  • 80-85
  • Prefer geared and ready for raiding. 
  • Mature, experienced players who are willing to contribute. 
  • Must be able to follow directions in raids, be motivated, have initiative as well as be on time for raiding. 
  • We are currently looking for boomkin/restro druid, enhance shaman, rogue, mage to fill out our ten man groups

If you would like to join the guild please apply now and an officer will get back to you or contact an officer in game for more information

If you would like to be a memeber of our Officer Ranks, Apply Here

Hardcore Killers Officers
Guild Master Gneiss
Side Kicks Pixmoonlight, Blacksabath
Recruitment Officers Clammedia, Submercer
Death Knight (Open)
Druid (Open)
Mage Chainamorte (Raid Lead)
Paladin Oonnee
Priest Anarexia
Rogue Bock
Shaman Trowuh
Warlock (Open)
Warrior (Open)
Hunter (Open)
Other Guild News


pixmoonlight, May 23, 11 4:12 PM.
Gratz on guild lvl 25!! Don't forget to pick up your new mount if you are exalted with the guild. We also have managed to get our fish feast, our pet from 55 exalted reputations, and have the 10man cauldron. Next up, a completed raid


pixmoonlight, Jan 13, 11 12:14 AM.
Started doing gear checks for upcoming raids. Not sure if we will be able to start soon but we are thinking about it. Please log out in your spec/gear that you plan on raiding in. Or pst one of the officers when you are online and in gear so that they may check you out (NOT THAT WAY YOU SILLY). People who need gems/enchants will be getting a note on their name where they can see it. See guild professions in the guild tab for help getting things you need. Generally people just ask that you have the materials for them. Once again we will be using for gear checks. The site does not appear to be fully updated, but it does list the suggested beginning raid, Throne of Winds.

Guld Achievements

pixmoonlight, Dec 15, 10 5:34 PM.
Currently our guild is working on the critter achievement. We need to kill 500000 critters, so get on it. I have also heard rumors we are working on the guild repair one, please utilize. We get nice perks from completing these and others. Browse thro the guild achievements that aren't completed if you haven't already

Hardcore Killers Has a New Address!

System, Mar 2, 10 7:10 PM.
Hardcore Killers has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Guild Bank changes

pixmoonlight, Feb 27, 10 3:13 PM.
Guild Bank Rule and Regulations

1.  **NO JUNK IN THE BANK** Cataclysm Quality Mats Only to be stored in the GB.  Anything you pick up in the old content is not to be stored in the GB.  Deposits will be monitored, and members will be warned if there is non-compliance.  Repeated non-compliance will result in loss of GB access.

2.  Take a Penny Leave a Penny Approach Pretty simple concept, and officers will be keeping track of the logs.

3.  Most items can be bought for 1/2 AH value  these items are intended for guild use.  You can not turn around and sell them.  Items in this category would be enchantment scrolls, high-end enchanting mats, BoE gear, epic or rare gems, instance drop patterns, orbs (not current orbs. There is a seperate wait list for these), etc.  These items will be locked into the back 2 tabs of the GB and only officers will have access.  If you need something, you ask an officer for assistance, you deposit the required gold in the GB and you get the item(s).

4.  Raid Consumables This will likely be the busiest tab(s) in the GB.  We are asking that every raider use their professions to contribute to this tab as much as possible on a week to week basis.  If we are running short on a particular consumable, a call to action will be posted in the guild message for replenishment.  All hck member with a Hardcore Killer rank or higher will have LIMITED access to these 2 tabs.  The thought here is to continue to expect all raiders to show up for the raids prepared and ready to go on time.  Grab what you need yourself before you head out to the raid.  Deposits/Withdrawls on these 2 tabs will be watched closely and we expect all members that are regularily using raid consumables to contribute in some way or another.

5.  Odds and Ends Tab will be open to everyone in the guild, but no need to be greedy please.  See rule #2.

The only way this works is if all active members are willing to contribute regularily

Any questions, plz see Pixmoonlight or any of the officers
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